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Shari Withers, Fitness Instructor

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Shari Withers

I started Farrell's the summer session of 2007 at the Beaverdale location.  I was involved in the TaeKwonDo program & joined FXB in an effort to 'keep up' with the much younger students in TKD classes.  I wanted to build my strength, endurance and stamina.  Children and life circumstances happened, so there was a pause in my Farrell's journey.  Once life allowed, I re-joined FXB at the Johnston location & continued with TKD at Beaverdale.  I achieved my 1st Dan Black Belt during my time at Johnson.  Once you achieve Black Belt, one expectation is to give back to all who helped you & to continue your growth, so I began instructing FXB.  Instructing is way out of my comfort zone (!)- for many reasons, but I kept at it to keep pushing myself to grow.  Starting with ST & gaining more confidence, then started instructing KB.  The Johnston location closed, so I relocated to Jordan Creek.  (I also instruct at the South Side location.)  My favorite part of instructing is helping members feel more comfortable & confident in class and to push toward their goals & then set even more goals!   

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